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These cans are for sale or trade.  I buy cans that I need for my collection and sell cans that I have upgraded with ones in better condition.  I have collected crowntainers since 1997 and most of my cans in very clean condition so I don't need to upgrade often.  When I do upgrade, it is for tough cans like those shown here, not the easy entry level cans.  Click here to see some cans that I have sold

Click on a photograph to see up-close pictures of all sides of the can.  Please note that these photos were taken up-close, just 10 inches away, which exaggerates any flaws.  So, if the can looks good in the pictures,  it will look even better on your shelf!  Please e-mail me if you would like to purchase one or would like more information.




Brand Name / Description





192-31 Cremo Lager Beer

This is sleeper can.  You never see anything better than a dumper for this can. I upgraded cans three times to get this one.  Better than the one in the book.

Cremo Yes 2-


196-16L Koller's Topaz Beer

This is a tough variation to find with a alcohol statement that says "exceeds 3.2% but not more than 7% alcohol by weight"

Koller Yes 1-


197-17 Oertels '92 Bock Beer

A super tough Bock can!  The colors on this can are outstanding.  It has some spotting and scratches.

Oertel Yes 1/1-


197-25 Wiedemann's Beer

A cool can in great shape.  I had this in my collection for 19 years before finding a slightly better upgrade.

Wiedemann Yes 1/1+


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