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To most people, beer cans have always had a stay-tab or a pull-tab.  Most people have never seen a cone-top beer can, let alone a crowntainer cone top.  When I mention to people that I collect crowntainers, inevitably I get this blank stare.  I then say, “It’s a type of cone top.”  {Blank stare continues}  “Remember the old “HEET” gas additive cans?   {A nod}  “Cone tops look like that!”  {The gears start spinning}  Then, I often get the following questions.  

Crowntainer Style Can

The above pages will help provide some history on the crowntainer style beer cans.  I’ve attempted to answer these questions in some detail, so I can just send people here instead of repeating myself over and over.  The answers to the questions above can be found by clicking on the underlined links or the corresponding button to its right.  If you have any other information you would like to share, any additions or corrections to the information on these pages, or just general comments, please contact me.

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