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The Crown Cork and Seal Company was founded in 1892 by William Painter soon after he patented the "crown cork". The plant was in the Canton area of Baltimore city. In 1898, Painter automated the process of filling and capping bottles. The company grew quickly, and by the time of Painter’s death in 1906, the company had plants in Europe, Asia, and South America. By the 1930s Crown Cork and Seal produced half of the world’s supply of bottle caps.

By the 1930's Crown Cork and Seal Company was the fourth largest canning company.  In 1937, they produced a cone top style of can called a J-spout which was a three piece rolled can.  In late 1939, they introduced a two piece steel can can called a Crowntainer "The Metal Bottle" which proved to be hugely successful for the company. They produced crowntainers and sold them to breweries for fifteen years.

For more information, please refer to the Crown Cork & Seal Company history.


CCS Letter Confirming Delivery of Gretz Crowntainers


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