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There are four basic types of cone-top cans. Low Profile, J-spouts, High Profile and Crowntainers.  The first three types are three-piece cans while the crowntainer has a one-piece body attached to a concave bottom. The difference is mostly in the height of the cone or spout.

The low profile cone top was the first to be produced. It has a low spout top and has indented ribs in the top for added strength. The second cone is called a 'J' spout cone. This unusual style of cone was produced by the Crown, Cork & Seal Company and used primarily by breweries East of the Mississippi River from 1937 until 1942 or 1943. The third type of cone top is a crowntainer that was produced by the Crown, Cork & Seal Company.  It was introduced in 1940 and used until the mid 1950's. The last cone top style is called a high profile and was the most popular of any cone top. This style of cone was introduced in 1939 and was last used in 1965.

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